Me Time

Making sure you give yourself some me time to forget everything else, just to do whatever it is you want, will not only boost your mental-being it will help your relationships with everyone else too.

It will help you reconnect with what’s really important, instead of charging around a hundred miles an hour that alot of us are guilty of doing these days when trying to fit everything in!


Live purposefully and mindfully. Choose to consciously say no to people and things that will fill up your time and use up all your energy.  

Don’t feel guilty for sayng no to people, express your regrets and then let go of the guilt. Much of the time you’ll only end up wasting your energy stressing about something that will have affected someone else momentarily but you might carry on feeling the guilt for way too long after.

Make life easy on yourself and delegate family tasks out – teamwork makes light work!

Stick to a simple routine that works.

By fitting in some me time and simplifying your life it will hopefully help in creating calmer, easier days!

Image: From Restorative retreat at Honeymeadow Retreat