About Life-Unity

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LIFE is a venture founded by Hannah Camden. It’s all about recognising and working wellness into your life so it becomes part of your everyday routine.

What is Wellness?
Wellness is recognising and actively persuing a journey to become the best version of you. Wellness isn’t one aspect of your life, it combines mind, body & soul.

L – Lifestyle
Living life authentically being true to yourself. Doing what makes you happy and being empowered to help embrace what life throws at you. All apsects of your lifestyle reflect your daily life. We can be here to help you balance these different aspects so you can live a healthy and positive life.

I- Inspire
What inspires you? What gives you the urge to try something new?
We would like to help you discover your ability to inspire yourself to try new things, anything from daily meditation to the confidence to try that high adrenaline activity that you’ve always admired.

F – Fitness
We work closely in conjuction with Fitworks Training to help you on your fitness journey.

E – Educate
We learn and educate ourselves everyday whether consciously or subconscioulsy. Sometimes we get stuck in the same cycle and keep redoing bad habits. We’d like to help your reframe these habits and rewire your general thought process to mind, body & soul.



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